High-End Engineering Solutions

Keystone Electronic Solutions creates high-end engineering solutions that deliver boutique results. Technology agnostic, intelligent and innovative – our solutions define our approach to customers and their needs. We do what it takes to deliver what you need, on time.

Our Services

Our expertise includes: engineering turnkey solutions, Embedded software and Linux development, Back-end server, web interface and mobile application development, Internet of Things (IoT), hardware design, managing high-volume manufacturing, and constant innovations in new technologies and solutions.

ICT Solutions

Back-end solutions that integrate with multiple platforms. Our platform-agnostic philosophy, combined with our decades of experience, assures you of complete support and capabilities.

Bespoke Hardware

Hardware solutions designed to specific customer requirements and specifications. We work from schematic design to production-ready models, providing functional and precise solutions that meet your needs.


Specialists in linux development, back-end service development, mobile development and solutions that tick the boxes of robust, relevant and reliable. If it doesn’t exist, we make sure it does!

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Our Solution Guaranteed

With Keystone Electronic Solutions, you are guaranteed: extensive experience; insight into new and current technology trends and developments; complete control over outsourced manufacturing; and adaptable process and solution development to suit your changing needs.

We have the answers, and the skills.

Want more control? Need seamless manufacturing? Want a complete ecosystem of engagement from design to deliverable? Need engineering solutions that get results?

We have a long-standing reputation.

Keystone Electronic Solutions has a long-standing reputation for creating inventive engineering solutions across multiple industries, sectors and verticals. We believe that we can solve any problem with our in-depth engineering experience, our ongoing research and development (R&D), and our boutique approach to customer and market.

Our Trademarked
Process & Workflow.

Keystone Electronic Solutions is made up of talented and experienced engineers, software developers, designers and thinkers who can provide you with solutions that are customised, intelligent and relevant.

We hereby follow a strict project workflow for each project, ensuring that we only deliver the best quality solutions available.
Project Research

Intensive and thorough research.


Best engineers for the project.


Framework planned.


Project starts.

Looking for a partner in innovation?

Discuss your future plans with us by sending us your ideas and one of our experienced engineers will set up a meeting with you.