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Linux Development

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Keystone Electronic Solutions does Linux development, back-end service development, and solutions that tick the boxes of robust, relevant and reliable. We have a variety of Linux services on offer from embedded Linux to multiple platform integration to seamless installation and troubleshooting. We can integrate our Linux solutions with off-the-shelf models and we understand exactly what challenges need to be overcome to deliver powerful Linux-based systems.

We are Linux experts. We know what factors have to be considered during, and after, installation. We know what to consider and resolve when it comes to security, hardware, data, patches and application proficiency.

Our Trademarked
Process & Workflow.

Keystone Electronic Solutions is made up of talented and experienced engineers, software developers, designers and thinkers who can provide you with solutions that are customised, intelligent and relevant.

We hereby follow a strict project workflow for each project, ensuring that we only deliver the best quality solutions available.
Project Research

Intensive and thorough research.


Best engineers for the prject.


Framework planned.


Project starts.

Want Linux that works?

Need expertise and support? Want a partner that gets Linux and your business?  

Keystone Electronic Solutions has the answers, and the Linux expertise.